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Fruity celery smoothie

Ok, I have to confess! Those two pieces of fruit you’re supposed to eat every day? I hardly ever do that. I often buy fruit, but I usually just walk past it and at the end of the week I’ll have to trow it all away. But! Smoothies are a great solution for me. And adding vegetables makes them even healthier. I have been experimenting with different recipes, but one of my favorite vegetable and fruit combinations is actually really easy.


Take two celery stems and cut them in small pieces.

Strawberry & mango
Then take some strawberries and mango pieces. I think I use about 3/4 cup for each type of fruit. I prefer the frozen stuff, because that way I’ll always have some fruit available.

Strawberry & mango

Throw it all in a blender. Add a bit of apple juice and (if you like it) a bit of peeled fresh ginger. Turn on the blender and wait. Don’t forget to add a bit more juice if the mixture is getting too thick. If the fruit and juice are blended together you can add the celery. Blend it all together properly and pour it into a nice (large) glass. Add a colorful straw or maybe even a tiny umbrella if you’re in the mood and enjoy!

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