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Inglot nail polish 897

Sometimes there’s a period in which I only wear clear nail polish and sometimes I end up wearing colored nail polish all the time. A couple of days ago I decided it was time for a bit of color!

Inglot nail polish 897
The color I selected is a pink nail polish from Inglot. They don’t use any fun name for their polishes, just numbers. This is number 897 and it’s part of their normal collection (15 ml/0,51 fl. oz.). They do have a lot of choice though!

Inglot nail polish 897

It’s an easy nail polish to work with, it dries quickly and doesn’t damage easily. It’s actually one of the best nail polishes I have!

If your curious about this brand or their nail polishes, you can check their website to find the closest retail location. They also have (or working on) web shops.

Whats your favorite brand when it comes to nail polish?

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