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The weeks are going by very fast, which means summer is coming closer! But even with the grey weather there were things I enjoyed this week. One of those moments was wearing one of my favorite necklaces.


My favorite evening this week was when I came home from work and my boyfriend had a surprise for me. He was waiting for me with a sweet card, pretty flowers and a yummy dinner. How sweet!


What I also loved this week was eating my favorite lunch. Crepes with syrup. Yes I know, not very heathy, but I love them anyway!

What were your favorite moments this week?

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4 reacties op “Moments”

    March 3, 2013

    Crepes zijn zo lekker! Wat heb jij een leuke blog, ik ben je meteen gaan volgen met bloglovin. Hopelijk neem je ook
    eens een kijkje op mijn blog!

    March 3rd, 2013

    Dankje! En ik zal zeker ook een kijkje nemen op jou blog!

    March 3, 2013

    Leuk blog heb je!



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