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Summer outfit inspiration

During the last couple of weeks there were a few moments when I could go outside without needing a coat. It finally starts to get a bit warmer and that means it’s time to thing about spring/summer outfits. I already told you I find it difficult to buy anything other than basics, so I use Pinterest to collect inspiration pictures. Let me share them with you.

Summer outfit inspiration

An almost completely white outfit can look really chic when you combine it with nice details like this belt and the black shoes. This would be perfect for a day to the office.

Summer outfit inspiration

I currently own about two summer dresses but they’re both black. It’s time for a new, colorful and floaty dresses!

Or how about a long bright skirt like this one? Maybe not that practical if you need to step on a bike, but it’s really pretty!

Summer outfit inspiration

Bright shoes can also change an outfit pretty much. I own one pair of red flats, but would love to add blue or red pumps to my shoe collection. (Or maybe both?)

Summer outfit inspiration

I tend to wear almost only tight fitting clothes, but this picture show me a lose shirt like this one can be really pretty!

Summer outfit inspiration

Or you can combine it with black shorts and a nice shawl, making pretty office fiendly.

Summer outfit inspiration

When I look at this picture I can imagine myself somewhere tropical and getting ready to go out for dinner with my boyfriend. This dress would be perfect for special occasion. Simple but with surprising details.

What do you need to get your wardrobe ready for summer?

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    May 3, 2013

    Fijne inspiratiefoto’s


    May 4, 2013

    mooie foto’s!

    June 6, 2013

    Die sehen alle sehr schön, wobei das vorletzte doch noch ein wenig mehr gefällt.

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