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Trind nail products
I love using colored nail polish, but to keep the polish from damaging you need strong nails. Sadly enough mine are not that strong. So when I was searching for a solution, I discovered these nail products from Trind. They work great!

Trind nail products
They are part of the Perfect System set from Trind. I decided to start with two of the products to see how it worked.
Trind nail balsam

The first product is the Nail Balsam (30 fl.oz/9ml). When you’re nails break or split easily this moisturizes them. You apply it generously on your clean nails and wait a couple of minutes. I love doing this when I am working at my laptop.

Trind nail repair
After a while you remove the Nail Balsam with a tissue or by rubbing your hands over your nails and then you can apply the Nail Repair (30 fl.oz/9ml). Let this dry for a while and it will look like you used normal clear nail polish. The Nail Repair strengthens your nails without drying them.

When my nails are really dramatic I repeat this process every day for a a couple of weeks. When they are stronger again I keep using these two products as a start when I apply colored nail polish.
How do you take care of your nails?
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