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Travel tips: nail polish remover pads

At home I use a bottle of nail polish remover and regular cotton pads to remove my nail polish. But when I’m traveling I bring these nail polish remover pads.

Travel tips: nail polish remover pads

These pads are really handy when your going for a longer vacation and you know you will have to redo your nail polish at least ones. But what about those days when you’re wearing a bright nail polish and have to look really presentable. Maybe for work or something. You don’t want to remove your nail polish in the morning because it still looks great. But during the day you nail polish might get damaged and with a bright nail polish that looks awful really quickly. On those days these remover pads are perfect to.

Travel tips: nail polish remover pads

This small jar contains very thin but strong pads with nail polish remover, allowing you to remove you nail polish very quickly. Just wash your hands when your done and you look presentable again.

The pads I’m using are from Herome and cost around 4 euro’s. You can buy these pads at you local drugstore.

Do you use nail polish remover pads?

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