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Travel tips: packing list

Right now I’m on my way to Eilat (Israel) for a week. I’m going with my mother and we’re planning on reading a lot and enjoying the sun! While I’m away, posts will be coming online and in a few of them I will share some travel tips. My first tip is a packing list app for the iPhone called Packing Pro.

Travel tips: packing list

I have been making packing lists for years now. For summer vacations, skiing trips and city trips. It’s my way to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. Or at least, to minimize that chance. The last couple of years I didn’t use my Word documents anymore but instead I started using the Packing Pro app. It’s not the cheapest app (€2,69), but I think it’s worth the money.

Travel tips: packing list

In this app you can make a separate packing list for every trip. You can make them from scratch, but you can also use an old list as a starting point. This will make it really quick to make new lists. The app contains a large catalog with items in several categories which you can add to your list. Of course you can add your own categories and items too.

Travel tips: packing list

I usually make a packing list a while before I actually start packing. In the days before I leave I usually think of extra items and with this app I can easily add them. When you start packing you can tick of the boxes of the items you’ve gathered. The counter will let you know how many items there are left to pack. For the fanatics there are also options to add the amount you want to pack for each item, the weight and value of each item, the bag it should go in and the person it belongs to!

Do you making packing lists?

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