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Last week was filled with great moments. Do you remember I mentioned I was packing for a short trip? I went to France for the weekend to spent time with my family and boyfriend. We had a great time and had to go home way too soon. Monday was also the day Romano and I were together for one year. We decided to go eat sushi to celebrate.

This week I had to stop by Ikea to get some stuff for the office. I always love visiting the store and this arrangement reminded me of this post with home decoration ideas.
The office I work at is in Amsterdam and I’m slowly starting to get to know the city a bit better. I’m also starting to appreciate the city more and more. Especially when it’s sunny it can be pretty!
This week I also got to spent an evening with a friend. Drinking tea, catching up and watching a dance show on TV. I really enjoyed that!
What were your favorite moments this week?

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