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Last week was a pretty busy one for me. I increased my hours at work, had rehearsals and a performance and went to a birthday dinner. Sadly it was a little bit much, so I had to take it easy when I could. You might have noticed that this meant less post, but I’m hoping this will get better next week! Of course my busy week also included happy moments like eating this delicious dessert with strawberries and cream!


Since I got sick in October, I stopped driving in my car. I was to tired and unable to process al the information quickly. It was just not safe anymore. After a while I slowly started driving small distances again, to see if it was getting better. This week was the first time however I really drove for a couple of hours again! It does mean being really tired at the end of the day, but I’m so happy I can drive again!


This was my dinner before I went to rehearsal this weak. I was eating alone and decided to go for a nice noodle soup with chicken. I don’t mind eating out alone and love sitting somewhere with something nice to eat and a great book.

How was your week?

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