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Home decoration ideas

Adding pretty decorations to your room or house is a fun way to be creative. It can also help to change a house into a home and add some color.

Home decoration ideas

Burning candles gives a nice and cozy atmosphere. You can place candles on a table but you can also hang them up.

Home decoration ideas
Stacking bowls off different sizes will create a nice centerpiece for your table. You can fill the bowls with anything you want. Flowers, shells, pine cones or even candy. You can adjust it to a season, holiday or special occasion.

Home decoration ideas
Combining flowers and a these plants can create a nice center piece as well.

Home decoration ideas
Or what about decorating you bathroom with pretty vases with bath salt, pieces of soap and sponges?

Home decoration ideas
A nice and easy way to decorate your coffee table is to add a small stack of large books with a beautiful cover.

Home decoration ideas

Take some big vases or bowls, add (colored) sand and one or more large candles. Place them on the floor in a corner or on top of a table. Easy right?

How do you decorate your place?

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